Urgent Care

24/7 Urgent CareBecause it's always urgent, we're always open. Every minute,
every hour, every day of the year. Simply come in to our new ER,
where you'll be seen for initial triage. A board-certified emergency
medicine physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant will
treat you in the Urgent Care Center. If you have a more serious
problem, our ER team can see you right then and there.

24/7 Urgent Care

This service - intended for patients with abrasions, bruises, burns, sore throats, ear aches, rashes, insect bites, allergies, coughs, upper respiratory illnesses and other ailments. Patients wishing to utilize Urgent Care should report to the ER for initial triage.

Urgent Care is staffed by board-certified Infinity HealthCare emergency physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Backed by 24/7 ER
Thanks to our convenient location, it's safer, closer, better care in an emergency. And it's right here when you need it, any time of day.



Get a guided video tour from
our team and see the recent ER
renovation/expansion that our
whole community made possible.

View our Emergency Service Area Expansion & Renovation Project.


If you need ER care after being seen in Urgent Care, you will only be billed for an ER visit.


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Urgent Care Center